CEOS Requirements:

GOS Parameter Measurement
001Atmospheric temperature (profile)
002Wind profile (horizontal)
003Wind vector over sea surface (horizontal)
004Atmospheric specific humidity (profile)
005Height of the top of the Planetary Boundary Layer
006Height of tropopause
007Temperature of tropopause
008Water vapour imagery
009Cloud imagery
010Cloud mask
011Cloud top temperature
012Cloud top height
013Cloud type
014Cloud cover
015Cloud base height
016Cloud optical depth
017Cloud liquid water (profile)
018Cloud drop size (at cloud top)
019Cloud ice (profile)
020Cloud ice effective radius (profile)
021Freezing level height
022Melting layer depth in clouds
023Precipitation Profile (liquid or solid)
024Precipitation rate (liquid) at the surface
025Precipitation index (daily cumulative)
026Lightning detection
027Aerosol optical depth (column)
028Aerosol effective radius (profile)
029Aerosol effective radius (profile)
030Downwelling solar radiation at TOA
031Outgoing spectral radiance at TOA
032Outgoing long-wave radiation at TOA
033Outgoing short-wave radiation at TOA
034Short-wave cloud reflectance
035Downwelling long-wave radiation at the Earth
036Downwelling short-wave radiation at the Earth surf
037Earth surface albedo
038Short-wave Earth surface bi-directional reflectance
039Outgoing long-wave radiation at Earth surface
040Long-wave Earth surface emissivity
041Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
042Fractionally absorbed PAR (FPAR)
043Ocean chlorophyll concentration
044Color dissolved organic matter (CDOM)
045Ocean Suspended sediments concentration
046Diffuse attenuation coefficient (DAC)
047Oil spill cover
048Sea surface temperature
049Ocean salinity
050Ocean dynamic topography
051Significant wave height
052Dominant wave direction
053Dominant wave period
054Wave directional energy frequency spectrum
055Sea-ice cover
056Sea-ice surface temperature
057Sea-ice thickness
058Sea-ice type
059Land surface temperature
061Soil moisture at the surface
062Soil moisture in the roots region
063Vegetation Cover
064Vegetation type
065Leaf Area Index (LAI)
066Normalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI)
067Fire area/fractional cover
068Fire temperature
069Fire radiative power
070Snow detection (mask)
071Snow melting status (wet/dry)
072Snow cover
073Snow surface temperature
074Snow albedo
075Snow water equivalent
076Glacier cover
077Land surface imagery
078Land cover
079Soil type
080Land surface topography
081Ice sheet topography
083Total electron content (TEC)
084Electron density profile
085Ozone profile
086Aerosol optical depth profile (for chemistry)
087Atmospheric Chemistry - BrO (profile)
088Atmospheric Chemistry - C2H2 (profile)
089Atmospheric Chemistry - C2H6 (profile)
090Atmospheric Chemistry - CFC-11 (profile)
091Atmospheric Chemistry - CFC-12 (profile)
092Atmospheric Chemistry - CH2O (profile)
093Atmospheric Chemistry - CH4 (profile)
094Atmospheric Chemistry - ClO (profile)
095Atmospheric Chemistry - ClONO2 (profile)
096Atmospheric Chemistry - CO (profile)
097Atmospheric Chemistry - CO2 (profile)
098Atmospheric Chemistry - COS profile
099Atmospheric Chemistry - H2O (profile)
100Atmospheric Chemistry - HCl (profile)
101Atmospheric Chemistry - HDO (profile)
102Atmospheric Chemistry - HNO3 (profile)
103Atmospheric Chemistry - N2O (profile)
104Atmospheric Chemistry - N2O5 (profile)
105Atmospheric Chemistry - NO (profile)
106Atmospheric Chemistry - NO2 (profile)
107Atmospheric Chemistry - OH (profile)
108Atmospheric Chemistry - PAN (profile)
109Atmospheric Chemistry - PSC (profile)
110Atmospheric Chemistry - SF6 (profile)
111Atmospheric Chemistry - SO2 (profile)

CEOS Systems Engineering Office (SEO)

CEOS Data Base Version: 17 - Created: 2012-01-18