CEOS Disasters Societal Benefit Area:
Satellite Observation of Floods

The CEOS Disasters Societal Benefit Area (SBA) is conducting a gap analysis for satellite observations of floods. The requirements are summarized below and are a requirements baseline for satellite imagery to support flood warning, response and recovery on a global basis.

  • Optical imagery
    • Very high resolution panchromatic or multispectral (1 m or less to 2m)
    • High resolution multispectral (2-15m)
    • Medium resolution multispectral (15-30m)
  • Hyperspectral (medium to high resolution)(5-30m)
  • SAR imagery (specify band – L, C or X)
    • Very high resolution (1-3m)
    • High resolution (3-16m)
    • Medium to low resolution (30, 50 or 100m)
  • Revisit
  • Data latency
  • Imaging time/data volume (SAR only)

This LINK summarizes the instrument types shown above that are a part of the CEOS MIM database.
This LINK provides a timeline analysis of the required instrument types.

CEOS Systems Engineering Office (SEO)

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