CEOS Instrument: Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System

Agency: NASA
Mission: ICESat-II
Type:Lidar altimeter
Description:Provision of data on ice sheet height/thickness, land altitude, aerosol height distributions, cloud height and boundary layer height
Spatial Resolution: 66 m spots separated by 170 m
Swath Width: N/A
Wavebands: VIS-NIR: Laser emits at 1064 nm (for altimetry) and 532 nm (for atmospheric measurements)
Technology: Lidar altimeter
Description: Altimeter that exploits lidar in order to detect polar ice edge with an accuracy of ~100 m instead of the 25 km of the radar altimetry. Designed to measure polar ice thickness and ultimately topography. Other observations common to atmospheric lidar also possible, such as vegetation canopy height. Applicable only in LEO.

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