CEOS Instrument: Radio Occultation Sounder for the Atmosphere

Agencies: ASI [Primary]
Mission: SAC-D/Aquarius
Type:GNSS radio-occultation receiver
Description:Climate change studies. High-vertical resolution temperature-humidity sounding for NWP. Space weather
Spatial Resolution: 300 km (horizontal), 0.5 km (vertical).
Swath Width: N/A (occultation); about 600 soundings/day.
Wavebands: Around 1600 MHz (L1) and 1200 MHz (L2).
Technology: GNSS radio-occultation receiver
Description: GNSS receiver equipped with directional antennas to receive the signal from one of the GNSS satellites during occultation, and measure the phase, thus the bending angle and the refractivity index profile. Simultaneously, a companion GNSS receiver provides precision positioning. The refractivity index is associated to temperature, humidity and density. The vertical resolution of the product can be as good as 0.5 m, the horizontal resolution is conditioned by the limb geometry (~ 300 km). Applicable only in LEO.

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