CEOS Instrument: Multi spectral imager

Instrument:MS (GISTDA)
Agency: GISTDA
Mission: THEOS
Type:High resolution optical imager
Description:THEOS MS consists of 4 spectral bands (R,G,B, NIR) with resolution 15 m and swath width at 90 km. The applications which are suitable for this instrument such as cartography, land use, land cover change management, agricultural and natural resources management, etc.
Spatial Resolution: 15 m
Swath Width: 90 km
Wavebands: 0.45 - 0.52 ?m, 0.53 - 0.60 ?m, 0.62 - 0.69 ?m, 0.77 - 0.90 ?m
Technology: High resolution optical imager
Description: Imaging Vis/IR radiometer whose characteristics are stressed towards spatial resolution (typically <30 m). Spectral coverage in bands of Vis and NIR (0.4-1.3 Ám). Number of channels can be small (extreme: one, i.e. panchromatic) or very large (hyperspectral) separated in-field (array detectors) or by a spectrometer, or a combination of both. Channel bandwidths from 0.5 Ám (PAN) to 5 nm (hyperspectral). Applicable only in LEO.

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