CEOS Instrument: Multispectral Imager

Mission: Monitor-E
Type:High resolution optical imager
Description:Multispectral Earth surface monitoring
Spatial Resolution: 20/40 m
Swath Width: 160/890 km
Wavebands: VIS - NIR: 0.54 - 0.59 ?m, 0.63 - 0.68 ?m, 0.79 - 0.9 ?m
Technology: High resolution optical imager
Description: Imaging Vis/IR radiometer whose characteristics are stressed towards spatial resolution (typically <30 m). Spectral coverage in bands of Vis and NIR (0.4-1.3 Ám). Number of channels can be small (extreme: one, i.e. panchromatic) or very large (hyperspectral) separated in-field (array detectors) or by a spectrometer, or a combination of both. Channel bandwidths from 0.5 Ám (PAN) to 5 nm (hyperspectral). Applicable only in LEO.

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