CEOS Instrument: Optical Spectrograph and Infra-Red Imaging System

Agencies: CSA [Primary]
Mission: Odin
Type:Limb-scanning SW spectrometer
Description:Detects aerosol layers and abundance of species such as O3, NO2, OClO, BrO and NO. Consists of spectrograph and IR imager.
Spatial Resolution: Spectrograph 1 km at limb, Imager 1 km in vertical
Swath Width: N/A, but measures in the altitude range 5 - 100 km
Wavebands: Spectrograph: UV - NIR: 0.28 - 0.80 ?m; IR Imager: NIR: 1.26 ?m, 1.27 ?m, 1.52 ?m
Technology: Limb-scanning SW spectrometer
Description: Spectrometers to cover bands in UV, Vis, NIR and SWIR with spectral resolution typically of 0.1-0.3 %, required for atmospheric chemistry. Designed to provide high vertical resolution in the upper troposphere and above by scanning the Earth’s limb. Also, scanning may be performed during occultation of the sun or the moon or bright stars. Thousands of channels. Spatial resolution typically 1-3 km vertical, 300-500 km horizontal. Applicable only in LEO.

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