CEOS Instrument: Special Sensor Magnetometer

Agencies: NOAA [Primary]
 DoD (USA)
Missions: DMSP F-12
 DMSP F-13
 DMSP F-14
 DMSP F-15
 DMSP F-16
 DMSP F-17
 DMSP F-18
 DMSP F-19
 DMSP F-20
Description:Measures geomagnetic fluctuations associated with solar geophysical phenomena. With SSIES and SSJ provides heating and electron density profiles in the ionosphere
Spatial Resolution: N/A
Swath Width: N/A
Wavebands: N/A
Technology: Magnetometer
Description: System designed to measure the Earth’s magnetic field in its various components (scalar, vector). Applicable only in LEO.

Measurement List:

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CEOS Systems Engineering Office (SEO)

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