CEOS Instrument: Active Microwave Instrumentation. Wind mode

Agency: ESA
Missions: ERS-1
Status:No longer operational
Type:Radar scatterometer
Description:Measurements of wind fields at the ocean surface, wind direction (range 0 - 360 deg), wind speed (range 1 - 30 m/s)
Spatial Resolution: Cells of 50 x 50 km at 25 km intervals
Swath Width: 500 km
Wavebands: Microwave: 5.3 GHz (C-band), VV polarisation
Technology: Radar scatterometer
Description: Radar with very accurate calibration, to observe an earth’s spot from several directions (ahead, after, aside) and measure differential backscatter coefficients (s0) from sea capillary waves (thus observing surface wind). On land, the s0 are correlated with soil moisture. Two concepts exist: electronic scanning, side looking, exploiting C-band (~ 5 GHz); and conical scanning, exploiting Ku-band (~ 13 GHz). The resolution is typically 25-50 km, the swath 1100-1500 km. Applicable only in LEO.

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