CEOS Instrument: SOLar STellar Irradiance Comparison Experiment

Agency: NASA
Missions: UARS
Type:Solar irradiance monitor
Description:Data on UV and charged particle energy inputs, and on time variation of full-disk solar UV spectrum. Measures solar UV radiation (115 - 430 nm) with resolution of 0.12 nm. Compares solar UV output with UV radiation of stable bright blue stars
Spatial Resolution: N/A
Swath Width: N/A
Wavebands: UV: 115 - 180 nm and 170 - 320 nm
Technology: Solar irradiance monitor
Description: Observes radiation coming from the Sun, either integrated (i.e., in the interval 0.2-10 Ám, observed by cavity radiometers) or spectrally resolved (e.g., in the interval 0.2-2 Ám, observed by a spectrometer), or for special features (X-rays, UV, etc,). Applicable in LEO and GEO.

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