CEOS Instrument: Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder

Agencies: NASA [Primary]
Missions: NPOESS-1
Type:Absorption-band MW radiometer/spectrometer
Description:Collects microwave radiance data that when combined with the CrIS data will permit calculation of atmospheric temperature and water vapor profiles.
Spatial Resolution: 5.2 - 1.1 deg
Swath Width: 2300 km
Wavebands: Microwave: 22 bands, 23-184 GHz
Technology: Absorption-band MW radiometer/spectrometer
Description: Radiometers operating in bands of absorption from O2 (typical, ~ 54 GHz) and from H2O (typical: ~ 183 GHz) enable measuring the atmospheric temperature and humidity profiles in nearly-all-weather conditions. Cross-nadir scanning is utilised, though also conical scanners use to include channels in absorption bands. Radiometric accuracy is a driver for profiling, thus scanning speed must be relatively slow, that implies coarse resolution (typical, 50 km for 54 GHZ, 15 km for 183 GHz, horizontal; the vertical, referring to the product, is ~ 2 km). Applicable in LEO; however by adding higher frequencies (e.g. 118 and 425 GHz for O2 and 380 GHz for H2O) sounding is also possible from GEO.

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