CEOS Instrument: MODerate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer

Agency: NASA
Missions: Terra
Type:Medium-resolution spectro-radiometer
Description:Data on biological and physical processes on the surface of the Earth and in the lower atmosphere, and on global dynamics. Surface temperatures of land and ocean, chlorophyll fluorescence, land cover measurements, cloud cover (day and night)
Spatial Resolution: Cloud cover: 250 m (day) and 1000 m (night), Surface temperature: 1000 m
Swath Width: 2330 km
Wavebands: VIS - TIR: 36 bands in range 0.4 - 14.4 ?m
Technology: Medium-resolution spectro-radiometer
Description: Used when the number of channels is high and they are too close to be separated by dichroics and filters. The instrument spreads the radiation beam by means of a spectrometer, but thereafter only a limited number of channels is selected, that generally is re-programmable. Channels bandwidths 1-3 %, spatial resolution typically 0.5-5 km. Applicable in LEO and GEO.

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