CEOS Instrument: Atmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument

Agency: ESA
Mission: ADM-Aeolus
Status:Being developed
Type:Doppler lidar
Description:Global wind profiles (single line-of-sight) for an improved weather prediction
Spatial Resolution: One wind profile every 200 km along track, averaged over 50 km
Swath Width: Along line 285 km parallel to satellite ground track
Wavebands: UV: 355 nm
Technology: Doppler lidar
Description: Lidar measuring the Doppler shift of echoes from atmospheric components such as air molecules and aerosol. A UV wavelength is exploited, but other ones are possible. Side looking, measuring the radial component of wind in clear air. The resolution is controlled by sampling needs, and may be in the range of 100-200 km, aside of the orbital track. Applicable only in LEO.

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CEOS Systems Engineering Office (SEO)

CEOS Data Base Version: 17 - Created: 2012-01-18