CEOS Instrument: Global Imager

Agency: JAXA
Mission: ADEOS-II
Status:No longer operational
Type:Medium-resolution spectro-radiometer
Description:Measures water vapour, aerosols, cloud cover, cloud top height/temp, ocean colour, sea surface temperature, land surface temparature, glacier extent, icebergs, sea ice and snow cover, photosynthetically active radiation, vegetation type and land cover
Spatial Resolution: 1 km for 28 bands, 250 m for 6 bands
Swath Width: 1600 km
Wavebands: VIS and NIR: 23 bands (380 - 830 nm), NIR - SWIR: 6 bands (1050 - 2215 nm), MWIR - TIR: 7 bands (3.75 - 11.95 ?m)
Technology: Medium-resolution spectro-radiometer
Description: Used when the number of channels is high and they are too close to be separated by dichroics and filters. The instrument spreads the radiation beam by means of a spectrometer, but thereafter only a limited number of channels is selected, that generally is re-programmable. Channels bandwidths 1-3 %, spatial resolution typically 0.5-5 km. Applicable in LEO and GEO.

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