CEOS Instrument: Microwave Limb Sounder (UARS)

Agency: NASA
Mission: UARS
Status:No longer operational
Type:Limb-scanning MW spectrometer
Description:Data on emissions of chlorine monoxide, water vapour and ozone. Data also used for determination of atmospheric pressure and temperatures as a function of altitude from observations of molecular oxygen emissions
Spatial Resolution: N/A
Swath Width: N/A
Wavebands: N/A
Technology: Limb-scanning MW spectrometer
Description: Spectrometer operating in the millimetre-submillimetre range (30-3000 GHz) with spectral resolution typically around 0.01 % required for atmospheric chemistry. Designed to provide high vertical resolution in the upper troposphere and above by scanning the Earth’s limb. Some thousands of channels. Spatial resolution typically 1-3 km vertical, 300-500 km horizontal. Applicable only in LEO.

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