CEOS Instrument: Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget

Agencies: EUMETSAT [Primary]
Missions: Meteosat-8
Type:Broad-band radiometer
Description:Measures long and short wave radiation emitted and reflected from the Earth's surface, clouds and top of atmosphere. Full Earth disk, all channels in 5 mins
Spatial Resolution: 44.6 x 39.3 km
Swath Width: Single column moved alternatlly W-E and E-W to cover the complete earth disc
Wavebands: SW: 0.32 - 4.0 ?m, LW 4.0 - 30 ?m (by subtraction)
Technology: Broad-band radiometer
Description: Radiometer with channels that integrate the total radiation emerging from TOA (0.2-100 Ám) and the fraction of reflected solar radiation (0.2-4.0 Ám). Ancillary channels in atmospheric windows may be present. Capability of observing under more viewing directions so as to help converting radiances into irradiances may be present. Resolution in the range of 20-50 km. Applicable in LEO and GEO.

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