CEOS Instrument: Polar Highly Elliptical Molniya Orbit Science, Solar-Terrestrial Mission

Instrument:PCW PHEMOS - Solar-Terrestrial
Agency: CSA
Missions: PCW-1
Type:Space environment monitor
Description:Combination of payloads to study the near-Earth space dominated by plasmas and to observe the electromagnetic and charged particle environments in a highly elliptical orbit. May potentially include both in-situ space weather instruments and an Auroral imager.
Spatial Resolution: 40km for the Auroral imager. Not applicable for the in-situ space weather instruments.
Swath Width: Field of Regard for each full acquisition is the entire Earth disc. N.A. for the in-situ space weather instruments.
Wavebands: Dual band LBH long (160-175nm) and LBH short (140 - 160nm) for the Auroral imager. N.A. for the in-situ space weather instruments.
Technology: Space environment monitor
Description: Package of instruments mainly to measure the energy of charged particles hitting the platform, both integrated and spectrally analysed. A main purpose is to monitor the platform safety. Applicable in LEO and GEO.

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