CEOS Instrument: SAGNAC imaging spectrometer

Agency: ASI
Mission: MIOSAT
Type:Medium-resolution IR spectrometer
Description:mutli-spectrometer data for complex land ecosystem studies
Spatial Resolution: 10 m
Swath Width: 10 km
Wavebands: 400-1000 nm
Technology: Medium-resolution IR spectrometer
Description: Spectrometer operating in MWIR and TIR with spectral resolution typically around 0.1 % to retrieve temperature and humidity profiles from absorption bands of CO2 and H2O in cloud-free or partially cloudy areas, and also total columns of some greenhouse gas species (and coarse profile of O3). Cross-nadir scanning for vertical profiling and total-columns. Many thousands of channels. Spatial resolution typically 10-20 km horizontal, ~ 1 km vertical (referred to the retrieved profile). Applicable in LEO and GEO.

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