CEOS Instrument: Integrated Path Differential Absorption Light Detection and Ranging Instrument

Instrument:IPDA LIDAR
Agencies: DLR [Primary]
Mission: D/F Climate Mission
Type:Atmospheric lidar
Description:“Active“ optical remote sensing instrument for atmospheric parameters or trace gases. Global information on atmospheric Methane concentration (Methane column density measurements).
Spatial Resolution: 50 km x 0.1 km
Swath Width: 0.1 km
Wavebands: Two laser wavelengths, mean wavelength 1645 ?m
Technology: Atmospheric lidar
Description: Lidar measuring the backscattering of atmospheric components such as clouds and aerosol. One or two wavelengths can be exploited, in UV or Vis or NIR. Nadir-only, resolution typically ~ 100 m both horizontal and vertical. Applicable only in LEO.

Measurement List:

  Atmospheric Chemistry - CH4 (column/profile)

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