CEOS Instrument: Event Imaging Spectrometer from GEO (GeoCape)

Instrument:Event Imaging Spectrometer from GEO (GeoCape)
Agency: NASA
Mission: GEO-CAPE
Type:High resolution optical imager
Description:Predictions of impacts from oil spills, fires, water pollution from sewage and other sources, fertilizer runoff, and other environmental threats. Detection and tracking of waterborne hazardous materials. Monitoring and improvement of coastal health
Spatial Resolution: 250 m spatial resolution, 20-50 nm (MODIS-like) spectral bands
Swath Width: 300 km swath width coastal regions an targets of opportunity
Wavebands: UV/VIS (310-481 nm) and the VIS/NIR (500-900 nm)
Technology: High resolution optical imager
Description: Imaging Vis/IR radiometer whose characteristics are stressed towards spatial resolution (typically <30 m). Spectral coverage in bands of Vis and NIR (0.4-1.3 Ám). Number of channels can be small (extreme: one, i.e. panchromatic) or very large (hyperspectral) separated in-field (array detectors) or by a spectrometer, or a combination of both. Channel bandwidths from 0.5 Ám (PAN) to 5 nm (hyperspectral). Applicable only in LEO.

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