CEOS Instrument: UV/Vis Near IR Wide Imaging Spectrometer (Geo-Cape)

Instrument:UV/Vis Near IR Wide Imaging Spectrometer (Geo-Cape)
Agency: NASA
Mission: GEO-CAPE
Type:High-resolution nadir-scanning SW spectrometer
Description:Measures natural and human-produced gases and aerosols in the atmosphere, including those that react in sunlight to form polluting low-level ozone.
Spatial Resolution: 7 km spatial resolution, single layer vertical resolution, 0.9 nm spectral resolution
Swath Width: typically uses 2D data array with 1-D north to south in space (7 km wide) and 1D for (oversampled) spectral intervals/bins. The spatial domain is mechanically scanned for east to west to cover a continental domain (either north or south America).
Wavebands: 315-600nm
Technology: High-resolution nadir-scanning SW spectrometer
Description: Spectrometers to cover bands in UV, Vis, NIR and SWIR with spectral resolution typically of 0.1-0.3 %, required for atmospheric chemistry. Earth viewing so as to measure vertical profiles and total columns. Thousands of channels. Spatial resolution typically 2-20 km. Applicable in LEO and GEO.

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