CEOS Instrument: Cloud radar (ACE)

Instrument:Cloud radar (ACE)
Agency: NASA
Mission: ACE
Type:Cloud and precipitation radar
Description:Radar measurement for cloud droplets and precipitation
Spatial Resolution: Vertical: 250 m, Cross-track: 1.4 km, Along-track: 2.5 km
Swath Width: Instantaneous Footprint < 1 km
Wavebands: Dual frequency: 35 and 94 GHz
Technology: Cloud and precipitation radar
Description: Nadir-pointing radar to observe the profile of liquid and ice water in clouds. Depending on the frequency, the radar better observes liquid precipitation (~ 14 GHz), solid precipitation (~ 35 GHz) or non-precipitating clouds (~ 94 GHz). The antenna size is dimensioned for a ground resolution typically of ~ 5 km and the vertical resolution is 250-500 m. Pushbroom multi-feed provides limited swath (few 100ís km for lower frequencies, basically zero at the highest frequency). Applicable only in LEO.

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