CEOS Instrument: Occultation GNSS Receiver (CLARREO)

Instrument:Occultation GNSS Receiver (CLARREO)
Agency: NASA
Missions: CLARREO-1
Status:No longer considered
Type:GNSS receiver
Description:Independent measurements of atmospheric temperature, pressure, and humidity using Global Positioning System (GPS) occultation measurements of atmospheric refraction.
Spatial Resolution: Spectral resolution in the UV, VIS, and near IR of 15 nm; in the IR of 1cm-1
Swath Width: VIS: 1km IFOV over 100km swath; 100km FOV
Wavebands: IR:200 - 2000 cm-1; UV,VIS, and near IR: 380 to 2500nm
Technology: GNSS receiver
Description: Precision positioning system exploiting the differential phase of signals from a few satellites of the Global Navigation Satellite System. Applicable only in LEO.

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