CEOS Instrument: X Band Synthetic Aperture Radar

Instrument:Paz SAR-X
Agency: CDTI
Mission: PAZ
Status:Being developed
Type:Imaging radar (SAR)
Description:High resolution X-band radar for security, land use, urban management, environmental monitoring, risk management. Different acquisition modes: Spotlight (5x5-10 km SSD =<1m), Scansar (100 x100 km, SSD <=15m); Stripmode (strips of 30x30km with SSD 3 m).
Spatial Resolution: Resolution will move between <1x1 m and 6x18m depending on acquisition modes.
Swath Width: Swath will vary according to the acquisition mode: 5x5 km to 100 km x 100 km .
Wavebands: The Radar will use a frequency close to 9.65 GHz with an BW of 300 MHz.
Technology: Imaging radar (SAR)
Description: If radar is used, the problem of diffraction-limited resolution in MW still applies. In this case, however, by analysing range, azimuth and Doppler effect of the (coherent) signals, synthetic aperture can be implemented, and resolutions typically of 10-30 m can be achieved. Several combinations of polarisations in transmission and reception can be implemented. Resolution can be traded-off with swath (e.g. 30 m / 100 km or 150 m / 400 km). Interferometry between views from different passes enable appreciating changes. SAR exploiting different bands (L, S, C, X) emphasise different features. Applicable only in LEO.

Measurement List:

  Land cover
  Land surface imagery
  Oil spill cover

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