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Mission Instrument Name
ESA Future MissionsSPECTRASurface Processes and Ecosystem Changes Through Response Analysis
NPOESS-1VIIRSVisible/Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite
NPPVIIRSVisible/Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite
RADARSAT-2SAR (RADARSAT-2)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
COSMO-SkyMed 3SAR 2000Synthetic Aperture Radar - 2000
COSMO-SkyMed 4SAR 2000Synthetic Aperture Radar - 2000
SABRINASAR (SABRINA)Synthetic Aperature Radar (SABRINA)
Sich-2MSSMultispectral Scanner
Sich-2MIRSMiddle IR Scanner
Meteor-M N3SARSynthetic Aperture Radar X band
RapidEyeMSIMulti Spectral Imager
PRISMAPAN CAMERAPancromatic camera
Kanopus-V N1PSSPanchromatic imaging system
Kanopus-V N2PSSPanchromatic imaging system
Pleiades 1HiRIHigh-Resolution Imager
Pleiades 2HiRIHigh-Resolution Imager
FY-3CMERSIMedium Resolution Spectral Imager
Sentinel-3 AOLCIOcean and Land Colour Imager
Sentinel-3 BOLCIOcean and Land Colour Imager
LDCMOLIOperational Land Imager
Meteor-M N2SeverjaninX-band Synthetic Aperature Radar
Sentinel-2 AMSI (Sentinel-2)Multi-Spectral Instrument (Sentinel-2)
Sentinel-2 BMSI (Sentinel-2)Multi-Spectral Instrument (Sentinel-2)
RADARSAT C-1SAR (RCM)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
RADARSAT C-2SAR (RCM)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
RADARSAT C-3SAR (RCM)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
PAZPaz SAR-XX Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
CSG-1SAR-2000 S.G.SAR-2000 Second Generation
LDCMTIRSThermal Infrared Sensor
Meteor-MP N1Advanced SARAdvanced Synthetic Aperture Radar X band
Meteor-MP N2Advanced SARAdvanced Synthetic Aperture Radar X band
MIOSATPAN CAMPanchromatic Camera

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