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Mission Instrument Name
NOAA-18AVHRR/3Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3
NOAA-19AVHRR/3Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3
Metop-BAVHRR/3Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3
NPOESS-1VIIRSVisible/Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite
NPPVIIRSVisible/Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite
RADARSAT-2SAR (RADARSAT-2)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
Meteor-M N2MSU-MRMultispectral scanning imager-radiometer
Elektro-L N1MSU-GSMultispectral scanning imager-radiometer
Elektro-L N2MSU-GSMultispectral scanning imager-radiometer
Elektro-L N3MSU-GSMultispectral scanning imager-radiometer
Meteor-M N2KMSSMultispectral Imager (VIS)
SAC-D/AquariusHSCHigh Sensitivity Camera
SAC-D/AquariusNIRSTNew Infrared Sensor Technology
Kanopus-V N1PSSPanchromatic imaging system
Kanopus-V N2PSSPanchromatic imaging system
Kanopus-V N1MSSMultispectral imaging system
Kanopus-V N2MSSMultispectral imaging system
Resurs P N1Geoton-L1Geoton-L1
Resurs P N2Geoton-L1Geoton-L1
GOES-RABIAdvanced Baseline Imager
Sentinel-3 AOLCIOcean and Land Colour Imager
Sentinel-3 BOLCIOcean and Land Colour Imager
LDCMOLIOperational Land Imager
Sentinel-3 ASLSTRSea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer
Sentinel-3 BSLSTRSea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer
Sentinel-2 AMSI (Sentinel-2)Multi-Spectral Instrument (Sentinel-2)
Sentinel-2 BMSI (Sentinel-2)Multi-Spectral Instrument (Sentinel-2)
RADARSAT C-1SAR (RCM)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
RADARSAT C-2SAR (RCM)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
RADARSAT C-3SAR (RCM)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
Kanopus-V N1MSU-200Multispectral high resolution scanner (VIS)
Kanopus-V N2MSU-200Multispectral high resolution scanner (VIS)
LDCMTIRSThermal Infrared Sensor
Meteor-MP N1Advanced MSU-MRAdvanced Multispectral scanning imager-radiometer
Meteor-MP N2Advanced MSU-MRAdvanced Multispectral scanning imager-radiometer
Meteor-MP N1Advanced KMSSAdvanced Multispectral Imager (VIS)
Meteor-MP N2Advanced KMSSAdvanced Multispectral Imager (VIS)
ALOS-2L-Band SAR (ALOS-2)L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (ALOS-2)
Arkon-2MArkon-2M SARArkon-2M SAR

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