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Mission Instrument Name
SPOT-2HRVHigh Resolution Visible
SPOT-4HRVIRHigh Resolution Visible and Infra-red
EnvisatASAR (image mode)Advanced Syntetic Aperture Radar (Image mode)
Meteosat-8SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible and Infra-Red Imager
Meteosat-9SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible and Infra-Red Imager
EnvisatMERISMedium-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
ESA Future MissionsSPECTRASurface Processes and Ecosystem Changes Through Response Analysis
Landsat-7ETM+Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus
Landsat-5TMThematic Mapper
EnvisatASARAdvanced Synthetic-Aperture Radar
ALOSAVNIR-2Advanced Visible and Near Infra-red Radiometer type 2
ALOSPALSARPhased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar
TerraMODISMODerate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
AquaMODISMODerate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
TerraMISRMulti-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer
SSR-1AWFIAdvanced Wide Field Imager
CBERS-2WFIWide Field Imager
CBERS-2BWFIWide Field Imager
ERS-2ATSR-2Along Track Scanning Radiometer - 2
CBERS-2CCDHigh Resolution CCD Camera
CBERS-2BCCDHigh Resolution CCD Camera
EnvisatAATSRAdvanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer
NMP EO-1ALIAdvanced Land Imager
ERS-2AMI/SAR/ImageActive Microwave Instrumentation. Image Mode
ERS-2AMI/ScatterometerActive Microwave Instrumentation. Wind mode
IRS-1DLISS-III (IRS)Linear Imaging Self Scanner - III (IRS)
RADARSAT-1SAR (RADARSAT)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
IRS-1DWiFSWide Field Sensor
RESOURCESAT-1AWiFSAdvanced Wide Field Sensor
RESOURCESAT-1LISS-IVLinear Imaging Self Scanner - IV
NMP EO-1HyperionHyperspectral Imager
FY-2DIVISSR (FY-2)Improved Multispectral Visible and Infra-red Scan Radiometer (5 channels)
FY-2EIVISSR (FY-2)Improved Multispectral Visible and Infra-red Scan Radiometer (5 channels)
TerraSAR-XX-Band SARX-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
RADARSAT-2SAR (RADARSAT-2)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
COSMO-SkyMed 1SAR 2000Synthetic Aperture Radar - 2000
COSMO-SkyMed 2SAR 2000Synthetic Aperture Radar - 2000
COSMO-SkyMed 3SAR 2000Synthetic Aperture Radar - 2000
PROBACHRISCompact High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
TopSatTOPSAT TelescopeTOPSAT Telescope
SAC-CMMRSMultispectral Medium Resolution Scanner
SAC-CHRTCHigh Resolution Panchromatic Camera
KOMPSAT-2MSCMulti-Spectral Camera
SPOT-5HRSHigh Resolution Stereoscope
UK-DMCSLIM-6Surrey Linear Imager - 6 channel
HJ-1AHSI (HJ-1A)Hyper Spectrum Imager
RapidEyeMSIMulti Spectral Imager
THEOSMS (GISTDA)Multi spectral imager
FY-3AMERSIMedium Resolution Spectral Imager
SumbandilaSatSumbandilaSat ImagerSumbandilaSat Imager
IMS-1HySI (IMS-1)Hyperspectral Imager (IMS-1)
RESOURCESAT-1LISS-III (Resourcesat)Linear Imaging Self Scanner - III (Resourcesat)
UK-DMC2SLIM-6-22Surrey Linear Imager - 6 channel - 22m resolution
Deimos-1MSMultispectral Imager
FORMOSAT-2MSMultispectral Imager
FORMOSAT-2PANPanchromatic Imager
Ikonos-2PANPanchromatic Imager
Ikonos-2MSMultispectral Imager

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