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Mission Instrument Name
INSAT-2EVHRRVery High Resolution Radiometer
KALPANA-1VHRRVery High Resolution Radiometer
INSAT-3AVHRRVery High Resolution Radiometer
FY-1DMVISR (10 channels)Multispectral Visible and Infra-red Scan Radiometer (10 channels)
Meteosat-8SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible and Infra-Red Imager
Meteosat-9SEVIRISpinning Enhanced Visible and Infra-Red Imager
Metop-AIASIInfrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
NOAA-16HIRS/3High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/3
NOAA-17HIRS/3High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/3
NOAA-15HIRS/3High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/3
ESA Future MissionsSPECTRASurface Processes and Ecosystem Changes Through Response Analysis
AquaAIRSAtmospheric Infra-red Sounder
Meteosat-6MVIRIMETEOSAT Visible and Infra-Red Imager
Meteosat-7MVIRIMETEOSAT Visible and Infra-Red Imager
TerraMODISMODerate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
AquaMODISMODerate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
NOAA-16AVHRR/3Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3
NOAA-17AVHRR/3Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3
NOAA-18AVHRR/3Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3
NOAA-15AVHRR/3Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3
Metop-AAVHRR/3Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3
ERS-2ATSR-2Along Track Scanning Radiometer - 2
EnvisatAATSRAdvanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer
TRMMTMITRMM Microwave Imager
NMP EO-1ALIAdvanced Land Imager
OCEANSAT-1MSMRMultifrequency Scanning Microwave Radiometer
NOAA-18HIRS/4High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/4
Metop-AHIRS/4High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/4
NMP EO-1HyperionHyperspectral Imager
NMP EO-3 GIFTSGIFTSGeosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
AquaAMSR-EAdvanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-EOS
FY-2CIVISSR (FY-2)Improved Multispectral Visible and Infra-red Scan Radiometer (5 channels)
FY-2DIVISSR (FY-2)Improved Multispectral Visible and Infra-red Scan Radiometer (5 channels)
FY-2EIVISSR (FY-2)Improved Multispectral Visible and Infra-red Scan Radiometer (5 channels)
FY-3AIRASInfraRed Atmospheric Sounder
FY-3AMWRIMicroWave Radiation Imager
Meteor-3M N2MTVZAScanning microwave imager-sounder
FY-3AVIRRMultispectral Visible and Infra-red Scan Radiometer (10 channels)
MTSAT-1RJAMI/MTSAT-1RJapanese Advanced Meteorological Imager
Meteor-3M N2IKFS-2Fourier spectrometer
Meteor-3M N2MSU-MRMultispectral scanning imager-radiometer
HY-1BCOCTSChina Ocean Colour & Temperature Scanner

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