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Mission Instrument Name
SPOT-4HRVIRHigh Resolution Visible and Infra-red
Jason-1POSEIDON-2 (SSALT-2)Positioning Ocean Solid Earth Ice Dynamics Orbiting Navigator (Single frequency solid state radar altimeter)
EnvisatASAR (image mode)Advanced Syntetic Aperture Radar (Image mode)
ESA Future MissionsSPECTRASurface Processes and Ecosystem Changes Through Response Analysis
EnvisatASARAdvanced Synthetic-Aperture Radar
EnvisatRA-2Radar Altimeter - 2
TerraASTERAdvanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer
RESOURCESAT-2AWiFSAdvanced Wide Field Sensor
AWiFSSATAWiFSAdvanced Wide Field Sensor
RESOURCESAT-2AAWiFSAdvanced Wide Field Sensor
RESOURCESAT-2LISS-IVLinear Imaging Self Scanner - IV
RESOURCESAT-2ALISS-IVLinear Imaging Self Scanner - IV
CryoSat-2SIRALSAR Interferometer Radar Altimeter
TerraSAR-XX-Band SARX-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
TanDEM-XX-Band SARX-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
RADARSAT-2SAR (RADARSAT-2)Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band
COSMO-SkyMed 1SAR 2000Synthetic Aperture Radar - 2000
COSMO-SkyMed 2SAR 2000Synthetic Aperture Radar - 2000
COSMO-SkyMed 3SAR 2000Synthetic Aperture Radar - 2000
COSMO-SkyMed 4SAR 2000Synthetic Aperture Radar - 2000
SABRINASAR (SABRINA)Synthetic Aperature Radar (SABRINA)
KOMPSAT-2MSCMulti-Spectral Camera
SPOT-5HRSHigh Resolution Stereoscope
SSR-2L-band SARL-band SAR
HJ-1CS-Band SARS-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
OSTM (Jason-2)POSEIDON-3Positioning Ocean Solid Earth Ice Dynamics Orbiting Navigator (Single frequency solid state radar altimeter)
Resurs P N1Geoton-L1Geoton-L1
Resurs P N2Geoton-L1Geoton-L1
THEOSPAN (GISTDA)Panchromatic imager
Pleiades 1HiRIHigh-Resolution Imager
Pleiades 2HiRIHigh-Resolution Imager
LDCMOLIOperational Land Imager
Sentinel-3 ASRALSAR Radar Altimeter
RESOURCESAT-2LISS-III (Resourcesat)Linear Imaging Self Scanner - III (Resourcesat)
RESOURCESAT-2ALISS-III (Resourcesat)Linear Imaging Self Scanner - III (Resourcesat)
Sentinel-1 AC-Band SARC-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
KOMPSAT-3AEISSAdvanced Electronic Image Scanning System
KOMPSAT-5COSICorea SAR Instrument
CARTOSAT-2BPAN (Cartosat-2A/2B)Panchromatic Camera
CARTOSAT-2APAN (Cartosat-2A/2B)Panchromatic Camera
ALOS-2L-Band SAR (ALOS-2)L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (ALOS-2)
Arkon-2MArkon-2M SARArkon-2M SAR
CARTOSAT-2CHRMXHigh Resolution Multi Spectral
KOMPSAT-3AAEISS-AAdvanced Electronic Image Scanning System-A

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