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Mission Instrument Name
AuraMLS (EOS-Aura)Microwave Limb Sounder (EOS-Aura)
NOAA-16ATOVS (HIRS/3 + AMSU + AVHRR/3)Advanced TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder
NOAA-15ATOVS (HIRS/3 + AMSU + AVHRR/3)Advanced TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder
Metop-AIASIInfrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
Metop-AGRASGNSS Receiver for Atmospheric Sounding
NOAA-16AMSU-AAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A
NOAA-17AMSU-AAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A
NOAA-18AMSU-AAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A
NOAA-15AMSU-AAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A
Metop-AAMSU-AAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A
NOAA-16HIRS/3High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/3
NOAA-17HIRS/3High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/3
NOAA-15HIRS/3High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/3
EnvisatMIPASMichelson Interferometric Passive Atmosphere Sounder
AquaAIRSAtmospheric Infra-red Sounder
AuraTESTropospheric Emission Spectrometer
AuraHiRDLSHigh Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder
EnvisatGOMOSGlobal Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars
TerraMODISMODerate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
AquaMODISMODerate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
CHAMPCHAMP GPS SounderGPS TurboRogue Space Receiver (TRSR)
DMSP F-14SSM/T-1Special Sensor Microwave Temperature Sounder
DMSP F-15SSM/T-1Special Sensor Microwave Temperature Sounder
DMSP F-16SSM/ISSpecial Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder
DMSP F-17SSM/ISSpecial Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder
DMSP F-18SSM/ISSpecial Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder
NOAA-18HIRS/4High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/4
NOAA-19HIRS/4High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/4
Metop-AHIRS/4High Resolution Infra-red Sounder/4
OdinOSIRISOptical Spectrograph and Infra-Red Imaging System
FY-2DIVISSR (FY-2)Improved Multispectral Visible and Infra-red Scan Radiometer (5 channels)
FY-2EIVISSR (FY-2)Improved Multispectral Visible and Infra-red Scan Radiometer (5 channels)
FY-3AIRASInfraRed Atmospheric Sounder
FY-3AMWRIMicroWave Radiation Imager
Meteor-3M N2MTVZAScanning microwave imager-sounder
Meteor-M N1MTVZAScanning microwave imager-sounder
SCISAT-1ACE-FTSAtmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE) Fourier Transform Spectrometer
PROBACHRISCompact High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
SAC-CGOLPEGPS Occultation and Passive reflection Experiment
OdinSMRSubmillimetre Radiometer
Meteor-3M N2IKFS-2Fourier spectrometer
TIMEDSABERSounding of the Atmosphere usingBroadband Emission Radiometry
COSMIC-1/FORMOSAT-3 FM1GOXGlobal Positioning Satellite Occultation Experiment (GOX)
COSMIC-2/FORMOSAT-3 FM2GOXGlobal Positioning Satellite Occultation Experiment (GOX)
COSMIC-3/FORMOSAT-3 FM3GOXGlobal Positioning Satellite Occultation Experiment (GOX)
COSMIC-4/FORMOSAT-3 FM4GOXGlobal Positioning Satellite Occultation Experiment (GOX)
COSMIC-5/FORMOSAT-3 FM5GOXGlobal Positioning Satellite Occultation Experiment (GOX)
COSMIC-6/FORMOSAT-3 FM6GOXGlobal Positioning Satellite Occultation Experiment (GOX)
FY-3AMWTSMicrowave Temperature Sounder
OCEANSAT-2ROSARadio Occultation Sounder for the Atmosphere
SumbandilaSatSumbandilaSat ImagerSumbandilaSat Imager
ěrsted (Oersted)GPSRO (Oersted)GPS Radio Occultation System
TerraSAR-XGPSRO (Terra-SAR)GPS Radio Occultation System
AquaAMSU-AAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A

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