Systems Database Description

The Committee on Earth Observation Satellties (CEOS) Systems Engineering Office (SEO) Systems Database is designed to support CEOS strategic planning and gap assessments. The content includes current and planned space-based CEOS missions from ESA's CEOS Database of Missions, Instruments and Measurements (MIM) along with additional links to CEOS Constellations, GEO Societal Benefit Areas (SBA) and GCOS Essential Climate Variables (ECV). In order to adequately support gap assessments, the database also contains measurement requirements from a variety of sources. Resulting measurement and data continuity gaps will help identify potential collaborative opportunities for CEOS long-term strategic planning. The SEO envisions this tool will support the GEO Communities of Practice, CEOS Constellations, CEOS SIT leadership, and CEOS agencies.

Disclaimer Statement

The mission data in the SEO Systems Database is primarily based on the "official" agency-provided ESA MIM Database content, but some "unofficial" updates have been made by the SEO for improved accuracy. In addition validation of measurement connections to instruments and missions has not been reviewed by all space agencies. Therefore, the use of this data should be for "preliminary" studies or assessments. Future updates will aim to improve the accuracy of the MIM and SEO data so that users can benefit from the data, determine potential measurement gaps, and develop improved long-term strategic plans.

CEOS Systems Engineering Office (SEO)

CEOS Data Base Version: 17 - Created: 2012-01-18

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